2012-05-24 20:00 hbos

Weather     : sunny and humid / ENE wind 3 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1025.7 hpa
Divers        : Remko ,Axel
Goal          : Visisbility check, Watersamples at 15 meters in milky layer
Max depth  : 15.3
Duration     : 73 minutes
Air temp     : 21.6 celsius
Water temp : 12.4 celsius minimum
Thermocline: none
Fish           : > 10 eals, 1 Zander, Young shrimps less dense with Waterfleas.
Plants        : Thick dots wire algea growth explosion. Tube algea growing longer and thicker.
Visibility     : 5 mtr at 3 mtr depth  
                  6 mtr at 6 mtr depth at 
Yellow viz   : Same readings without lightsource as baseline with use of lightsource
Remarks     :  >  8 divers in water.
Camera cleaned and watertight again. Enormous dots of wirealgea in the range up to 5 mtr depth. Below that visibility is much better. Took watersample at 15 mtr depth of misty region, which isn’t as thick as it was and after april 13th it remains at 14 mtr level. Good view of the reefblocks. Between the 5 and 2 mtr depth range there are many large eals hiding between the algea growth. Surface temp gas risen 2 degrees in 4 days time hence the algea explosion.
NO3 and NO2 levels still remain constant.

Results watersample at 15 mtrs depth compared to 6 mtr sample. Only NO2 and NO3 is significantly higher at 15 mtr.

Conductivity=1,022 mS/cm

PH =7,94

NO2= 0,4 mg/l

NO3= 5,0 mg/l

KH= 7 DH

GH= 12 DH

CO2= 2,59 mg/l

O2 = 4 mg/L

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