2012-06-26 19:18 hbos Spotted a little white globe.

Weather : clear sky / WNW wind 2 bft / Rain  0.0 mm / 1020.9 hpa
Divers : Remko, Axel
Goal : Visibility check
Max depth : 16.7 mtrs 
Duration : 83 minutes
Air temp :  16.4 celsius
Water temp : 17.2 celsius minimum
Fish: 2 eals – 7 large perch – 1 zander on it’s usual spot, clouds of shrimp, from 9 mtrs and up waterfleas.
Plants : lucious growth gutweed (darmwier) which seems to be more abundant then Elodea (Waterpest) Measured one curly pondweed = 2,60 mtrs high.
Spotted a Sinantherina which in Dutch is called Raderdiertjes. This little white globe is attached to a waterplant. I have never noticed this before in hbos. It is about 5-7 mm. See photo’s which unfortunately are super sharp.
Visibility  : 5.0 mtr at 6 mtr depth at reel
Yellow viz: no readings.
Remarks : > 10 divers 
The thermocline is still at 16,5 mtr depth with a milky layer underneath it.
Since the Southwest pump started the watertemperature is pretty constant from surface to 16 mtrs depth. 
A lot of swampgas is emerging from the bottom more them usual.

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