2012-09-06 19:57 Toolenburgplas Many fish!!

Weather : Light clouds / W wind 2 bft / Rain <0.00 mm / 1026.8 hpa
Divers : Remko, Thijs, Kacper, Axel
Goal : n search of the Catfish!!
Max depth : 8.6 mtrs
Duration : 100 minutes
Air temp :  14.9 celsius
Water temp : 19.2 celsius minimum
Fish: >100 Perch big and small, Shrimps are extremely active swimming. many copepods, >10 European Chub (Kopvoorn), >10 Common Roach (blankvoorn), > 5 young pike (approx 20-30 cm), 1 very big pike,  > 50 Young Ruffe

Plants :Hardly any green algea, Chara Globularis (Kranswier), Potamogeton growing over 2 mtr high.
Visibility : approx 4-5 mtr 
Remarks: > 4 divers. Water is full of life as opposed to Haarlemmermeerse bos (hbos) . Copepods are almost gone in hbos. Young fish counts in hbos are already decreasing (less zooplankton) while in Toolenburg there is an abundance. I only saw one dot of green algea while in hbos it is still growing. Average temperature is also about 2 degrees celsius lower than hbos.

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