2012-09-09 10:22 hbos Jellyfish and rising CO2 at 6 mtr depth!

Weather : Sunny / S wind 3 bft / Rain <0.00 mm / 1011.2 hpa
Divers : John, Thijs, Kacper, Axel
Goal : Water samples / Visibility / Check deep pontoon.
Max depth : 17.8 mtrs
Duration : 86 minutes
Air temp :  26 celsius
Water temp : 13.6 celsius minimum
Fish: > 2 eal, scattered young Perch, not in schools anymore, 1 Jelly fish see movie (Craspedacusta Sowerbii at 10 mtr depth), Copepods!
Plants :Big dots of algea up to 4 mtr, one Chara plant (kranswier) , but I have to find out what it is exactly
Visibility : 7,5 mtr at 6 mtr depth, 7 mtr at 3 mtr depth
Remarks: > 10 divers. Copepods active even at 14 mtr up to 7 mtrs. At 17,8 my divelamp seemed to have switched off, but it was the extremely poor visibility under the Thermocline at 15 mtrs. Temp dropped from 21 – 14 degrees. At measurepoint young mussels attached to the rope at 6 mtr depth, where as at 3 mtr ..nothing. So at 6 mtr the conditions are presumably better. Christatella Mucedo (mosdiertjes) at southside of Paviljoen growing on the green algea dots.but also in the shade just under de Paviljoen on a concrete overgrown beam. Even young mussels grow on pondweed at about 6 mtr depth. Discovered a new plant at 3 mtr at entry/exit point being Zannichellia palustris.. plant was also recorded in 2006 according to official reports.
First eal rested at 13 mtr depth. Noticed a track of a bigger crab at 12 mtr… looked like wolhandkrab. At surface and only at Northside some very small dots of bluealgea like (do not know if it is the real thing) Same as last year. It was stable.

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