04-12-2011 13:02 hrs hbos

Weather     : Cloudy / W wind 5 bft / Rain 1.9 mm
Divers        : John, Axel
Goal          : Place marks on 3 and 6 mtr depth on right outer pile of Paviljoen.
                  Measure visibility with baseline measure card and yellow card
Max depth  : 11.0 mtr
Duration     : 43 minutes
Air temp     : 8.4 celsius
Water temp: 8.8 celsius
Thermocline: none
Fish           : none
Plants        : Waterweed (Elodea canadensis) range 1-4 mtr depth no decay
Visibility     : At 6 mtr depth 5 meters, at 3 mtr depth 5,5 meters.
Remarks     : < 10 divers in the water.
The baseline viz meter indicates 2 meters of visibility less than a yellow card. If one’s sight is a bit impared than the yellow square suddenly disappears is more easy to read out than a card with the white lines. Maybe a combination of the two type of cards can give a better average of the two measured distances. In this case viz of 6 meters.

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