2012-04-12 20:06 hbos, Pumps started

Weather     : Some clouds / WNW wind 2 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1004.0 hpa
Divers        : Joris
Goal          : Viz measurements
Max depth  : 12.6
Duration     : 53 minutes
Air temp     : 5 celsius
Water temp: 7.6 celsius minimum
Thermocline: Is gone from surface to 12 meters temp is 8 celsius
Fish           :  3 Large Perch, 2 eals, millions of waterfleas.
Plants        : New shoots of pondweed even at 9 meters depth
Visibility     :  4.5 mtr at 6 mtr depth, 4.5 mtr at 3 mtr depth
Remarks     :  2 divers in water. 
When Joris and I dove the visibility was 2 x better than the last dive and it is noticeably warmer. Visibility has recovered to 4,5 mtr at 3 and 6 meter depth. Paviljoen piles at 3 meters depth start to grow algae again and mussels are returning at piles at 3 mtr depth.Thermocline has gone, probably because of strong winds and rain in the last week so temp is now 8 degrees from surface to 13 meters depth. The upper layer of about 5 meters is invested with waterfleas. Bigger perch are showing themselves again.Two eals. New shoots of pondweed are emerging even at 9 mtr depth. At north side wire-algae patches starting to form at 6 mtr depth. Mixing the water and waterfleas have probably had a posititive effect on the visibilty. Mussels at bottom still make tracks on bottom which is absolutely flat as opposed to the numerous small pits. two dead coots which are covered in mould. These changes make PB fun!!!!

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