2012-05-01 19:17 hbos first Perch eggs

Weather     : high clouds / NNW wind 0 bft / Rain ?? mm / 1020 hpa
Divers        : Remko, Axel
Goal          : Visibility check
Max depth  : 14.2
Duration     : 65 minutes
Air temp     :  11.2 celsius
Water temp : 8.8 celsius minimum
Thermocline: none
Fish           : 1 Pikes, 2 eals, 2 bigger perch.
Plants        : wire algea is growing bigger
Visibility     :  5 mtr at 3 and 6 mtr depth
Yellow viz   :  7 mtr at 3 and 7 mtr depth
Remarks     :  2 divers in water.
FIRST Perch eggs!!!!! at 9 meters and a few at 6 mtrs behind Paviljoen. At 14 meter depth no sign of mist in front of Paviljoen. We spotted an eal at 13 meter depth swimming away. That is the third time in a row I see free swimming eal. Visibility at depth is very good since we can see 3 piles. Later on we spot another eal in hiding. 2 perch swim at 7 meters. Wire algea at 6 meters is really starting to grow bigger now. After viz measurement it is rather misty between the piles and also millions of waterfleas. As soon as you come out of the mist the waterflea intensity is way less. 
I did see thermocline like layers in the water but that is just sediment clouds.

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