2012-10-23 20:04 hbos mist is sinking deeper

Weather : overcast/ E wind 2 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1023.7 hpa

Divers : Mark, Axel
Goal : Check depth of mistlayer and visibility measurement
Max depth : 18.1 mtrs
Duration : 59 minutes
Air temp : 13.0 celsius
Water temp : 14,0 celsius minimum
Fish: > 3 eals, few perch, and resting Ruffe.
Plants : Elodea is the dominant species but leaves are already getting brownish
Visibility : 10 mtr at 7 meter depth using black/white Secchi shone at with lamp.
Remarks: 2 divers, No thermocline. Very clear water and mist layer is now lowered from 16 to 17 meter depth. Temperature varies from 14.0 to 14,6 so no TC. 
Beautiful clay reefs. Spotted an followed anchor from the NW pontoon and went under the pontoon. The concrete blocks hang at about 12 meters only about 2 meters from the bottom. Lots of old entangled fishinglines on which Christatella Mucedo (mosdiertes) grow at around 9 meters depth. I guess a few caught fish swam over here to deliberately entangle fish lines or people have been fishing from the pontoon. Distance pontoon and shore is about 100 meters. 
The black/white Secchi is the standard for me. Gives perfect and same readings during day with ambient light and in nighttime with a 2200 lumen dive lamp shone from a distance.
In this case 10 meters.

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